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  • We need people who are quick on their feet (no two-step required) to adapt to a fast-paced environment and who love people; after all we are all about providing the best possible service to our guests. Additional qualities include aligning your awesome abilities, knowledge and skills with the job posting’s qualifications.

  • We suggest mentioning any special skills along with:

    1. Ensure there are no spelling errors. Attention to detail is important in every one of our positions.
    2. Please provide clear and accurate employment dates, including your start and end dates with each position.
    3. Ensure your resume is customized for the position you are applying for. For example, if the position asks for kitchen experience, highlight your previous kitchen experience.
    4. Provide examples of accomplishments related to your specific experiences.
    5. Keep your resume simple with no photos please.
  • Yes. Only the manager directly involved in the recruitment process for the specific location will see your resume and related information.

  • You can apply in-restaurant. You can print off the application and bring it in, or the online application just gives you another means of applying for jobs from the comfortable convenience of your own home.

    Also trees appreciate the online application process.

  • You will receive a confirmation notification that your application has successfully been submitted once you complete and click on the submit button. Please check your spam or junk mail if you don’t receive anything within 24 hours.
    While we truly appreciate your interest only applicants chosen for an interview are contacted by the location management team.

  • BP is a stable, growing company where the advancement opportunities are endless. As an employee, you have the opportunity to advance through a variety of positions and have the opportunity to pursue a management career. In fact, many of our Managers were promoted from within. Our employees get to work in a fun, diverse, fast-paced environment. So why wouldn't you want to apply.

  • Our restaurants offer a variety of flexible shifts and are willing to work around personal commitments including school schedules. It takes dedicated employees working at all times of the day and night to provide the best experience possible to our guests. Be sure to indicate your desired availability on your application.

  • Absolutely! Start by applying at a single location. As you complete your application, we will ask you if you want to apply at an additional location.

  • Anyone who can legally work in Canada and is interested in joining Boston Pizza.

    Boston Pizza's associates/employees are our most valuable resource and for that reason, their health and wellbeing are of paramount importance. Boston Pizza's goals are to continue (i) achieving proportional representation of cultures and backgrounds throughout the Boston Pizza system, (ii) providing equality of access to jobs, promotions, and other opportunities within Boston Pizza restaurants, and (iii) encouraging inclusive employment practices within all Boston Pizza restaurants. Boston Pizza will continue to make it understood by all Boston Pizza restaurants, and in employment opportunity announcements, that all employment decisions are based on individual merit only.

  • Resumes are kept on file for 1 year in compliance with federal mandates.

  • You get to work in a fast-paced environment, learning life skills with a great team!

  • We have an extensive training program that is customizable based of the new hires previous experience.

  • Each Boston Pizza is locally owned and operated and must follow provincial employment regulations.

  • The questions you will be asked during your interview will vary by location and manager.

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