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Position: Manager
Years at BP: 6
What I do at BP :
I get to lead the team as Front of House Manager! I curate exceptional Guest experiences, manage team members, and drive operations at our restaurant.
Favourite Menu Item: The Big Dipper
Position: Kitchen Manager
Years at BP: 10
What I do at BP:
As the Kitchen Manager, I get to lead a talented culinary crew, create delicious dishes, and ensure a smooth kitchen operation that leaves our Guests craving more!
Favourite Menu Item: Cactus Cuts
Position: Expo
Years at BP: 3 Months
What I do at BP:
As an Expo, I orchestrate flawless food presentations, ensuring each plate leaves the kitchen looking and tasting spectacular while contributing to an energizing dining atmosphere that keeps our Guests coming back!
Favourite Menu Item: Hearty Jalapeno Popper Dip
Position: Server
Years at BP: 4
What I do at BP:
As a Server, I leave every Guest smiling, take orders, and create a lively dining experience with a great atmosphere!
Favourite Menu Item: Creamy Mushroom Spinach Bake
Position: Host
Years at BP: 2
What I do at BP:
As a Host, I welcome Guests with a vibrant attitude, manage seating, and set the tone for a memorable experience.
Favourite Menu Item: The Panookie
Position: Sports Bar Server
Years at BP: 8
What I do at BP:
As a Server in our sports bar, I serve great food, drinks, and memorable moments while creating an exciting game-day experience that keeps our fans cheering!
Favourite Menu Item: Chicken and
Mushroom Fettuccini
Position: Cook
Years at BP: 2
What I do at BP:
As a Kitchen Supervisor, I lead a passionate kitchen team and ensure every dish that leaves the pass meets the craveable expectations of our Guests!
Favourite Menu Item: Hawaiian Pizza
Position: Bartender
Years at BP: 8.5
What I do at BP:
As a Bartender, I mix up winning drinks, serve up smiles, and contribute to the electric atmosphere that makes every visit a home run for our Guests!
Favourite Menu Item: Crispy Chicken
Pecan Salad


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